Fisher Chiropractic Provides Professional Massage Therapy

The Many Benefits of Massage

Fisher chiropractic provides professional massage therapy as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with our chiropractic adjustment services. Massage increases blood flow, which allows the body to resume delivering oxygen to muscles that have been damaged or in spasm. With sustained massage therapy, injured or damaged muscles are able to begin the healing process.

By pressing, kneading, rubbing, and otherwise manipulating the skin and underlying muscles, we can reinvigorate the body and help to realign and relax the muscles. The pain relief and pleasant sensations of massage may be felt almost immediately and tend to continue for some time. The many health benefits of massage, include:

  • Chronic Pain Relief
  • Release of Muscle
    Tension & Spasms
  • Stress Relief

Many massage therapy patients also note a decrease in their symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Nerve Pain

Massage is also believed to increase the immune response by helping to distribute lymph fluid more effectively.

Types of Therapeutic Massage

Fisher Chiropractic offers a wide variety of types of therapeutic massage to best serve your pain-relief and healing needs. Our massage options include:

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT or Trigger Point Myotherapy) – Involves the application of varying degrees of concentrated, extended quasi-static pressure in order to stimulate the muscles and soft tissues. This technique is most useful for helping to relieve muscles spasms. It may feel uncomfortable at first as the increased blood flow activates nerves that had previously been receiving less than adequate oxygenation.

Deep Tissue Massage – This type of massage targets the deep muscles and connective tissues of the body with slow, deliberate pressure intended to realign and relieve pressure on soft tissue areas of the body. It is most beneficial for treating chronic pain and muscle tension, high blood pressure, rehabilitating areas injured in accidents, breaking up tight areas such as scar tissue, knots, and adhesions, as well as providing stress relief.

Prenatal Massage – Helps to relieve the pains, discomfort, and stress of pregnancy caused by the effects of the body’s shifting center of gravity, increased pressure on all of the body’s systems, and mental and emotional changes associated with the hormonal shifts during the prenatal period. Prenatal massage provides relief for specific sore spots, a comforting touch that helps relax the body and mind, and helps to realign the body to best carry the increased weight of the pregnancy. Prenatal massage can benefit both mother and baby.

Myofascial Release Massage – Used to treat pain, poor blood & lymph circulation, decreased range of motion, muscle tension & spasms. This method involves slowly stretching the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other affected soft tissues by applying slow, steady pressure to allow these areas to relax and heal. It is most useful for helping the body to heal following surgery, trauma, and inflammation.

We may utilize other methods as indicated for your condition, as well.

Fisher Chiropractic will assist your physical and mental healing process following your injury or chronic pain experience with professional therapeutic massage. Let us begin your therapy today: (304) 722-3011.